Flex Printing in Delhi NCR

Flex Printing in Delhi NCR


Flex Printing is a way of outdoor advertisement of your services and products in towns and cities through your home or by the office. The printing is done in a great media which called a flex that undergoes a whole procedure of certain activities like selection of media, designing, laminating, proper packaging and then finally delivering. Star Advertising provides a vast ambit of online flex printing services to our clients that meet with their requirements efficiently and effectively. Therefore, if you are in search of the best flex printing service provider, then we ensure that the company will prove the best for you.

Normal Flex:

It is used at standees or shops at events

Star Flex:

Star flex has much higher quality than any normal flex. It gives a great lustre appearance when viewed.

Star Black flex:

It is used in glow signs boards that are used in nights for the great vision. It is a special type of flex which contains humid gum in the backside. It is easily passed on glasses. One-way vision is used on Glasses of Offices in the Cabins etc.

The usage of flex printing has various advantages like most of the designs are long lasting, highly durable and colors that remains vivid in nature. The material flex used in flex printing gives a glossy, shiny and smooth finish to the designs which last longer as compared to the other materials. Serving your different corporate and functional requirements, we provide flex printing solutions used in many hoardings, signboards, blows up, digital prints and transits.


The major key strengths of our company are skilled in house expertise, quality, cost-effectiveness and great reliability. Our company has always strived for excellence by offering economical online flex printing services and achieving high-quality standards.