Outdoor And Retail Advertising

Outdoor And Retail Advertising


What is Outdoor Advertising



Outdoor Advertising is also known as called out-of-home-advertising. It is the advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. Outdoor Advertising is mainly where consumers spend more than 70 percent of their time.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

1. Billboard Advertising



Most people have known billboard advertising. Billboards advertising are placed less traveled roads as well as next to higher traffic highways in the non-urban areas. Drivers see them almost because they are a cost-effective and efficient means of communicating information that is geographically much important- nearest hotels, campgrounds at the next exit, fast food restaurant on the route and the location of the closet chain.

2. Digital Outdoor Advertising




It is also known as digital signage. It is a specific type that uses electronic technology to change what is displayed on the screen. Digital billboards messages from a handful of advertisers that rotate from every six to eight seconds. Other digital signs might be courtside or urban sidewalk at a college basketball game.

Retail Advertising




Retail Advertising can be divided into national and local advertising. Local merchants who own a single location in a single market or trade area engage in local retail advertising, using local media to reach customers working or living near their establishments. Retail companies have expanded their store operations to the multiple markets across the country getting engage in national retail advertising. These multistore retailers use international media or broad reaching national to efficiently communicate with their customers.

Retail advertising is distinct from contrasted with national brand advertising based on its great appeal. The retail advertiser mainly focuses on bringing customers into the store for their great shopping needs. Brand advertisers attempt to build demand for a specific brand that may be available at different numbers of retail outlets.

Another characteristic that makes retail advertising unique is great immediacy. Unlike national brand advertising, which typically designed to general interest for brand or product and increases awareness over time. Retail advertising is meant to increase sales immediately and drive store traffic.