Outdoor And Retail Advertising

Outdoor and Retail Advertising


Advertising basically refers to the marketing tactics that involves paying for space to promote product, service or cause.The actual promotional messages are called advertising.The main motive of advertising is to inform public about the introduction of certain new products, services etc.


Where to Advertise

Earlier the main source to advertise was through the medium of newspapers, magazines, TV and radios.But nowadays advertisements are placed mostly everywhere and anywhere.

These includes:
Building sides
Electronic newsletters
Print newsletters
YouTube videos
Store windows
Sides of cars and trucks
Product packaging


There are basically two types of Advertising

 Retail Advertising

Retail advertising can be divided into local and national advertising.-local merchants who own a single location in a single market engage in local retail advertising, who uses local media to reach to customers who are living near to the establishments.Retail advertising is distinct from and can be contrasted with national brand advertising based on its appeal.


Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising also known as out-of-home advertising, is advertising that reaches the consumers when they are outside their homes.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Most people are familiar with the billboard advertising, regardless of where they live or travel.Billboards are placed next to high-traffic highways as well as along less traveled roads.