Wooden Gallery

Wooden Gallery


With a Wooden Gallery Process, prints are saturated and mounted by using a specifically designed acrylic emulsion. The costs of this emulsion are well textured and hand applied. This process allows the great print to be framed without glass. It consequently there is no reflection, glue or breakage.

If you operate the business or the owner of the company which advertising signboard can go perfectly go with your business nature or which advertising signboard can go perfectly with your Business Nature which can give you the ideal proposition.

Well made informational, beautiful and stylish advertising wooden signboard can be an original component making the brand image up. Our informational boards are characterized by the best precision and best quality. Star Advertising only use the wood of the best quality and show natural advantages such as colors, shades, etc.

The informational wooden board makes the place chik glamourous as well as increase the prestige of your company. Informational advertising signboards made of wood are the best ideal for companies with tradition or referring the business profile to familiarity and nature.

Basically wooden gallery refers to the place which preserves images for lifetime without getting damaged.It brings timeless beauty to cherish images, paintings etc.


Our Advertising Wooden Signboards Are:


-laser-engraved and milled,
-varnished and painted,
-worked out in every detail,
-adapted and unique to the customer’s needs.

If you want to order signboard made of natural wood or unique informational wooden board then contact to Star Advertising. Our professional Specialists will tell you precisely about the most interesting solution and provide all the necessary details.

Wooden Gallery Process


Images and artwork are presented using the “wooden gallery process”.

Wooden gallery allows every print or photograph that are to be presented without glass, eliminating glare, reflection.
It is the finest image presentation option on the market.
Wooden gallery process not only preserve and protect images but also brings life to the image. The wooden gallery-from image to presentation-is handmade by Michael and his team of talented craftsman in their traverse city, Michigan gallery.